Series60 Remote Protocol

Changed in version 1.31.90: There were some changes in the protocol and applet has been renamed.


The original applet has been created for <>. Gammu uses extended version which is probably not fully compatible with original.


Connection to S60 phones currently works only using Bluetooth.

Choosing right version

Before using this connection type, you need to install the applet to the phone. The applet can be found in contrib/s60 directory and there are two variants of the applets:


Not signed applet, which can be installed to the phone if it has enabled installation of unsigned applications (see Allowing installation of unsigned applications).


This applet also lacks some capabilities, so for example you will not be able to get network information.


Applet ready for signing using Open Signed Online. This will allow you to install applet to your phone only (it is bound to IMEI), but you don’t need to allow installation of unsigned applications.


The best way of course would be to have properly signed applet. However access to signing tools costs 200 USD per year, what is something we can not afford right now.

Allowing installation of unsigned applications

For security reasons, Symbian defaults to install signed applications only. As getting properly signed applet is expensive for non commercial product like Gammu, you need to either sign applet yourself (the signature is valid for single phone) or allow installation of unsigned applications:

  1. Open Application Manager, it is usually located in Control Center.

  2. Press left soft key for Options menu.

  3. From the menu choose Settings.

  4. Change the Software Installation to All.

  5. Change the Online certif. check to Off.


This allows installation of any not signed code to your phone. You should consider reverting this change, once you have installed applet required for Gammu.


To run the applet you need to install Python for S60 2.0 to the phone. You can either download it from their website, or just get mirrored installation package from <>. This file is not distributed with Gammu due to licensing reasons.


On some phones, the Python for S60 2.0 will not start, in this case you need to install some additional support libraries coming with Python for S60 2.0 - pips.sis, ssl.sis and stdioserver.sis. You can get all of them at as well.

Installing Python for S60 and Series60 remote applet can be done in several ways:

Installation using Gammu

Gammu can transmit the applet to your phone automatically. Just configure it for use of BlueS60 connection (see Connecting to Series60 phone chapter below) and invoke gammu install:

gammu install

It will automatically transmit the applet to the phone. On some phones the installation will start automatically, on some you need to find received files in the inbox and install them manually from there.

If you want to install Python for S60 as well you need to download it and place in folder where Gammu searches for installation images (you can configure it by setting DataPath). For example:

cd /usr/share/data/gammu

Downloading from phone

Downloading files from the phone and installing them directly. You can download all required files from

QR code for download of applet.

QR code for download of applet.

Manual Installation using Gammu

If the above mentioned gammu install does not work for you, for example when you need to use different applet, you can still use Gammu to send files to the phone using gammu sendfile.

First you need to create ~/.gammurc with following content:

connection = blueobex
model = obexnone
device = 5C:57:C8:XX:XX:XX # Address of the phone

And now you can send files to your phone:

gammu sendfile Python_2.0.0.sis
gammu sendfile contrib/s60/gammu-s60-remote.sis

Files should appear in inbox in your phone and you can install them from there.

Connecting to Series60 phone

The Gammu configuration is simple, all you need to specify is correct Connection:

connection = blues60
device = 5C:57:C8:XX:XX:XX # Address of the phone

Now you need to start the Series60 applet in the phone and Gammu should be able to talk to it.