Nokia 6110

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The data provided is for information purposes only. Some of the frames might be hazardous to your phone. Be careful!!! We do not take any responsibility or liability for damages, etc.


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Document describing frames used in GSM/PCN Nokia 6110 and derivatives (Nokia 6130, 6150, 6190, 5110, 5130, 5150, 5190, 3210, 3310)

Correct format is FBUS version 2/Direct IRDA/MBUS version 2 (see nokia.txt for protocol details):


0x00: Monitoring values
    r monitoring value      {+0x01, 0x01, block... }
      where block: 0x5e, 0x05, 0x7a(?), 0xd0(?), 0x85(?), 0x02, percentHI, percentLO
                      Battery percent level
                   0x5e, 0x0c, 0x52(?), 0x4b(?), 0x6f(?), 0x02, voltageHI, voltageLO
                      Battery standby voltage
0x01: Call Information
    s Make call             { 0x0001, "number", type, block }
                              where type:
                                      0x01 - data call
                                      0x05 - voice call
                      data call (non digital lines):
                      data call (digital lines):
                                      voice call:
                        0x01, 0x01, 0x05, 0x81/0x00, sendnum, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01
                                          sendnum (own number sending):
                                              0x01: preset (depends on network)
                                              0x03: on
                                              0x02: off
    r Call going msg        { 0x0002 }
    r Call in progress      { 0x0003, seqnr }
    r Remote end hang up    { 0x0004, seqnr, ?, error (like in netmon in 39) }
    r incoming call alert   { 0x0005, seqnr, numlen, "number", namelen, "name" }
    s Answer call part 2    { 0x0006, seqnr, 0x00 }
    r answered call         { 0x0007, seqnr }
    s Hang up               { 0x0008, seqnr, 0x85 }
    r terminated call       { 0x0009, seqnr }
    r call msg              { 0x000a, seqnr }
    r call held             { 0x0023, seqnr, 0x01 }
    r call resumed          { 0x0025, seqnr, 0x01 }
    r Send DTMF/voice call  { 0x0040}
    s Answer call part 1    { 0x0042,0x05,0x01,0x07,0xa2,0x88,0x81,0x21,0x15,0x63,0xa8,0x00,0x00,
                     0x07,0xa3,0xb8,0x81,0x20,0x15,0x63,0x80 }
    s Sent after issuing    { 0x0042,0x05,0x81,0x07,0xa1,0x88,0x89,0x21,0x15,0x63,0xa0,0x00,0x06,
      data call                          0x88,0x90,0x21,0x48,0x40,0xbb,0x07,0xa3,
      (digital lines)                0xb8,0x81,0x20,0x15,0x63,0x80 }
    s Sent after issuing    { 0x0042,0x05,0x01,0x07,0xa2,0xc8,0x81,0x21,0x15,0x63,0xa8,0x00,0x00,
      data call                          0x07,0xa3,0xb8,0x81,0x20,0x15,0x63,0x80,
      (non digital lines)            0x01,0x60 }
    s Send DTMF             { 0x0050, length, {ascii codes for DTMF}, 0x01 }

      to make data call (non digital lines):
        1.send "Make call" for non digital lines
    2.send "Sent after issuing data call (non digital lines)"
      to make data call (digital lines):
        1.send "Answer call part 1"
    2.send "Sent after issuing data call (digital lines)"
        3.send "Make call" for digital lines
      to answer call:
        1.send "Answer call part 1"
        2.send "Answer call part 2"

0x02: SMS handling
    s Send SMS message      { 0x0001, 0x02, 0x00 (SEND REQUEST), ... }
    r Message sent          { 0x0002 }
    r Send failed           { 0x0003, ?, ?, error (like in netmon in 65)}
    s Get SMS message       { 0x0007, 0x02, location, 0x01, 0x64 }
    s Initiate connection   { 0x000d, 0x00, 0x00, 0x02 }
    r Initiate ACK          { 0x000e, 0x01 }
    r SMS message received  { 0x0010, ...... } (whole message)
    s Set CellBroadcast     { 0x0020, 0x01, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01, 0x01 }
                                      for enable cell broadcast ?
                                      0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }
                                      for disable cell broadcast ?
    r Set CellBroadcast OK  { 0x0021, 0x01 }
    r Read CellBroadcast    { 0x0023, ?, ?, ?, channel, ?, message... } ?
    s Set SMS center        { 0x0030, 0x64, priority, checksum? ,0?, format,
                                      validity, {DefaultRecipient no.}[12],
                                      {SMScenter no.}[12], {SMSC name}, 0x00}
                              where[12]: {len, type, {number(BCD)}}
                                    type: 0x81: normal
                                          0x91: + (international)
                                          0xd0: alphanumeric
                                    format: 0x00: text
                                            0x22: fax
                                            0x24: voice
                                            0x25: ERMES
                                            0x26: paging
                                            0x31: X.400
                                            0x32: email
                                    validity: 0x0b:  1 hour
                                              0x47:  6 hours
                                              0xa7: 24 hours
                                              0xa9: 72 hours
                                              0xad:  1 week
                                              0xff: max.time
    r Set SMS center OK     { 0x0031 }
    r Set SMS center error  { 0x0032, reason }
    s Get SMS center        { 0x0033, 0x64, priority }
    r SMS center received   { 0x0034, priority, checksum?, format, 0x00?,
                                      validity, {DefaultRecipient no.}[12],
                                      {SMScenter no.}[12], {SMSC name}, 0x00}
                            [12]: {len, type, {number(BCD)}}
                              where priority, checksum, type, validity,
                          [12]: see 0x02/0x0030
    r SMS center error recv { 0x0035, reason }
0x03: Phonebook functions
    s Get mem location      { 0x0001, memtype, location, 0 }
                            where memory:
                                     0x01: telephone and SIM phonebook (in one)
                                     0x02: telephone phonebook
                                     0x03: SIM phonebook
                                     0x04: SIM fixdialling-phonebook (?)
                                     0x05: Own numbers
                                     0x07: Dialled numbers
                                     0x08: Missed calls
                                     0x09: Received calls
                                     0x0b: voice mailbox (location not important)
    r mem location recvd    { 0x0002, 0x00,namelen,"name",numlen,"number",groupID, 0x01?, yearLO, yearHI, month, day, hour, minute, sec. }
                            Note: in 3310 all entries have null name ("feature" of bug ?)
    r mem loc error recvd   { 0x0003, errtype }
                            where errtype:
                                     0x7d: invalid memory type
                                     0x74: empty location ?
                                     0x8d: no PIN
    s Set mem location      { 0x0004, memtype,location,namelen,"Name",numlen,"number",groupID }
    r mem set OK            { 0x0005 }
    r mem set error         { 0x0006, errtype }
                            where errtype: 0x7d: name is too long
    s Mem status request    { 0x0007, memtype }
    r Mem status recvd      { 0x0008, memtype, free, used }
    r Mem status error recv { 0x0009, errtype }
                            where errtype: 0x6f: mem status error
                                           0x7d: invalid memory type
                                           0x8d: waiting for pin
    s Get caller group data { 0x0010, groupID }
    r Get caller group data { 0x0011, groupID, size, "Name", ringtoneID, graphic_on?1:0, lenHI, lenLO, OTABitmap (72x14 logo) }
    r Get error  { 0x0012, reason }
                            where reason: 0x7d: invalid location
    s Set caller group data { 0x0013, groupID, size, "Name", ringtoneID, graphic_on?1:0, lenHI, lenLO, OTABitmap (72x14 logo) }
    r Set caller group OK   { 0x0014 }
    r Set error  { 0x0015, reason }
                            where reason: 0x7d: invalid location
    s Get speed dial        { 0x0016, index(1-9) }
    r Get speed dial OK     { 0x0017, mem.type, location }
                            where mem.type: 0x02: ME        (== 0 if not stored)
                                            0x03: SIM
                                  location: memory location (== 0 if not stored)
    r Get speed dial error  { 0x0018 }
    s Set speed dial        { 0x0019, index(1-9), mem.type, location }
    r Set speed dial OK     { 0x001a }
    r Set speed dial error  { 0x001b }
0x04: Phone Status
    s Phone status          { 0x0001 }
    r Phone status          { 0x0002, mode, signal str, ???, pwr, batt.level }
                            where mode: 1: registered within the network
                                        2: call in progress
                                        3: waiting for pin
                                        4: powered off
                                  pwr: 1: AC/DC
                                       2: battery
    s Request Phone ID      { 0x0003 }
    r RequestPhone ID       { 0x0004, 0x01,"NOKIA""imei", 0, "model", 0, "prod.code", 0, "HW", 0, "firmware", 0x00, 0x01 }
0x05: Profile settings
    s Set profile feature   { 0x0010, 1, nr, feature, a, 1 }
                            where nr: see 0x05/0x0013
                                  feature: see 0x05/0x0014
                                  a: see 0x05/0x0014
    r Set profile feat. OK  { 0x0011, 1 }
    s Get profile feature   { 0x0013, 1, nr, feature, 1 }
                            where nr is profile number (general=0, silent, meeting, outdoor, pager, car, headset=6)
                                  feature: see 0x05/0x0014
    r Get profile feature   { 0x0014, 1, nr, feature, 4, a, b, c, d, 1 }

                             Note: Settings num 0x00 .. 0x09 can be assigned
                             separately to each profile (0x00 .. 0x05), but rest are common
                             to all profiles.


                             Feature  Description                    Value
                             -------  -------------------            -----------------
                             0x00     keypad notes                   0xff=off, 0x00=level 1, 0x01=level 2, 0x02=level 3
                             0x01     lights (? only in car profile) 0x00=off, 0x??=on (maybe 0x01)
                             0x02     incoming call alert            1=ringing, 2=beep once, 3=unknown, 4=off, 5=ring once,
                                                                     6=ascending, 7=caller groups (see feature #0x08)
                             0x03     ringing tone ID                for original 6110: 0x12=ring ring, 0x13=low, etc.
                             0x04     ringing volume                 level 1 (0x06) - level 5 (0x0a)
                             0x05     message alert tone             0=no tone, 1=standard, 2=special, 3=beep once, 4=ascending
                             0x06     vibration                      0=off, 1=on
                             0x07     warning and game tones         0xff=off, 0x04=on
                             0x08     incoming caller groups         1=family, 2=VIP, 4=friends, 8=colleagues, 16=other
                             0x09     automatic answer               0x00=off, 0x01=on
                             0x16     Anykey answer                  0x00=Off, 0x01=On
                             0x17     ???                            0x00 | 0x01
                             0x18     Memory in use                  0x00=Phone, 0x01=SIM card
                             0x19     Network selection              0x00=Automatic, 0x01=Manual
                             0x1a     Automatic redial               0x00=Off, 0x01=On
                             0x1b     ???                            0x00 | 0x01
                             0x1c     ???                            0x00...0x18
                             0x1d     Speed dialling                 0x00=Off, 0x01=On
                             0x1e     Own number sending             0x00=Preset, 0x01=On, 0x02=Off
                             0x1f     Cell info display              0x00=Off, 0x01=On
                             0x21     Language                       0x00=English
                             0x26     Reply via same centre          0x00=No, 0x01=Yes
                             0x27     Delivery reports               0x00=No, 0x01=Yes
                             0x28     Hide clock                     0x00=Show clock, 0x01=Hide clock
                             0x29     Time format                    0x00=24-hour, 0x01=12-hour
                             0x2a     Selected profile               0x00=General, 0x01.. the rest


                             Feature  Description                    Value
                             -------  -------------------            -----------------
                             0x00     keypad notes                   0xff=off, 0x00=level 1, 0x01=level 2, 0x02=level 3
                             0x01     incoming call alert            1=ringing, 2=beep once, 3=unknown, 4=off, 5=ring once,
                             0x02     ringing tone ID
                             0x03     ringing volume                 level 1 (0x06) - level 5 (0x0a)
                             0x04     message alert tone             0=no tone, 1=standard, 2=special, 3=beep once, 4=ascending
                             0x05     vibration                      0=off, 1=on, 2=vibrate first
                             0x06     warning tones                  0xff=off, 0x04=on
                             0x07     screen saver                   1=on, 0=off
                             0x08     Screen saver -> Timeout        0x00=5 sec, 0x01=20 sec,....
                             0x09     Screen saver -> Screen saver   0x00 ... 0x0d = Number of picture image
                             0x0a:    ???:
                             ...:     ???:
                             0x15:    ???: Read only?
                             0x16:    ???:                           0x00=??? 0x01=???
                             0x17:    Memory in use (Nokia 3330):    0x00=Phone, 0x01=SIM card
                             0x18:    Network selection:             0x00=Automatic, 0x01=Manual
                             0x19:    Automatic redial:              0x00=Off, 0x01=On
                             0x1a:    Speed dialling:                0x00=Off, 0x01=On
                             0x1b:    Own number sending:            0x00=Set by network, 0x01=On, 0x02=Off
                             0x1c:    Cell info display:             0x00=Off
                             0x1d:    Type of view:                  0x00=Name list,0x01=Name, number,0x02=Large font
                             0x1e:    Language:                      0x00=English
                             0x32:    Reboots ME (3330)
                             0x1f:    ???: Read only? (3330)
                             0x20:    Reply via same centre:         0x00=No, 0x01=Yes
                             0x21:    Delivery reports:              0x00=No, 0x01=Yes
                             0x22:    Show/Hide clock:               0x00=Show, 0x01=Hide
                             0x23:    Time format:                   0x00=24-hour, 0x01=12-hour
                             0x24:    Select profile:                0x00=General, 0x01 ... 0x05=rest of them
                             0x25:    ???: Read only? (N3330)
                             0x26:    Confirm SIM service actions:   0x00=Not asked, 0x01=Asked
                             0x27:    T9 Dictionary:                 0x00=Off, 0x01=English, 0x0a=Suomi
                             0x28:    Messages -> Character support: 0x00=Automatic, 0x01=GSM alphabet, 0x02=Unicode
                             0x29:    Startup logo settings:         0x00=Your own uploaded logo,0x01=Nokia
                                                                     0x02=Draft HUMAN technology(tm),0x03=Itineris
                             0x2a:    ???:                           0x00=??? 0x01=???
                             0x2b:    ???:                           0x00=??? 0x01=???
                             0x2c:    ???: Read only? (N3330)
                             0x2d:    Auto update of date and time:  0x00=Off,0x01=Confirm first,0x02=On

    s Get welcome message   { 0x0016 }
    r Get welcome message   { 0x0017, no.of blocks, { block } * }
                            where block: { id, {blockspecific} }
                                  id: 1: startup logo { y, x, picture (coding?) }
                                      2: welcome note { len, "message" }
                                      3: operator msg { len, "message" }
    s Set welcome message   { 0x0018, no.of blocks, { block } * }
                            where block: see 0x05/0x0017
    r Set welcome OK        { 0x0019, 0x01 }
    s Get profile name      { 0x001a, nr }
                            where nr: see 0x05/0x0013
    r Profile name          { 0x001b, 1, 1, 3, flen, nr, len, {text} }
                            where nr: see 0x05/0x0013
                                  len: text length
                                  flen len + len(nr, len) = len + 2
                            Note: in Nokia 3310 name is in Unicode
    s ???                   { 0x001c }
    r ???                   { 0x001d, 0x93 }
    s Set oplogo            { 0x0030, location, MCC1, MCC2, MNC, lenhi=0x00, lenlo=0x82, OTABitmap }
    r Set oplogo OK         { 0x0031 }
    r Set oplogo error      { 0x0032, reason }
                            where reason: 0x7d invalid location
    s Get oplogo            { 0x0033, location }
                            where location: 1 (doesn't seem to matter)
    r Get oplogo            { 0x0034, location, MCC1, MCC2, MNC, lenhi=0x00, lenlo=0x82, OTABitmap }
    r Get oplogo error      { 0x0035, reason }
                            where reason: 0x7d invalid location
    s Set ringtone          { 0x0036, location,0x00,0x78, ringtone packed according to SM2.0}
    r Set ringtone OK       { 0x0037 }
    r Set ringtone error    { 0x0038, reason }
                            where reason=0x7d, when not supported location
    s Get services settings { 0x0080, setting (2 bytes) }
                            where: setting: 0x02,0x00=Nokia access number 1
                                            0x02,0x01=Operator access number 1
                                            0x01,0x00=Personal bookmark 1 settings (name only ?)
    r Get services sett.OK  { 0x0081, .... }
    r Get services sett.err { 0x0082, 0x7b }
0x06: Calling line restriction/Call forwarding etc
    r Get call divert       { 0x0001, 0x02, x, 0x00, divtype, 0x02, calltype, y, z, 0x0b, number, 0x00...0x00, timeout (byte 45) }
    s Set call divert       { 0x0001, 0x03, 0x00, divtype, calltype, 0x01, number(packed like in SMS), 0x00 ... 0x00,
                                      length of number (byte 29), 0x00 ... 0x00, timeout (byte 52), 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}
                            NOTE: msglen=0x37
                            where timeout:
                              0x00: not set ?
                              0x05: 5 second
                              0x0a: 10 second
                              0x0f: 15 second
                              0x14: 20 second
                              0x19: 25 second
                              0x1e: 30 second
                            where divtype:
                              0x02: all diverts for all call types ?
                                    Found only, when deactivate all diverts for all call types (with call type 0x00)
                              0x15: all calls
                              0x43: when busy
                              0x3d: when not answered
                              0x3e: if not reached
                              0x00: all calls (data, voice, fax)
                              0x0b: voice calls
                              0x0d: fax calla
                              0x19: data calls
    s Deactivate calldiverts{ 0x0001, 0x04, 0x00, divtype, calltype, 0x00 }
                            where divtype, calltype: see above
    r Deactivate calldiverts{ 0x0002, 0x04, 0x00, divtype, 0x02, calltype, data }
    s Get call diverts      { 0x0001, 0x05, 0x00, divtype, calltype, 0x00 }
                            where divtype, calltype: see above
    r Get call diverts ok   { 0x0002, 0x05, 0x00, divtype, 0x02, calltype, data }
                            where divtype, calltype: see above
                      data: { 0x01, 0x00 } - isn't active
                        { 0x02, 0x01, number(packed like in SMS), 0x00, 0x00..., timeout }
    r Get prepaid(?) info   { 0x0005, ?,?,?,length,message(packed like in 7bit SMS)}
    r Call diverts active   { 0x0006, ??? }
    s ???                   { 0x0022, ? (1&2 sounds OK) }
    r ??? OK                { 0x0023, ?,?,? }
    r ??? error             { 0x0024, reason }
    s ???                   { 0x0025, ??? }
    r ??? OK                { 0x0026, ??? }
    r ??? error             { 0x0027, reason }
0x08: Security codes
    s Change code           { 0x0004, code, "current", 0x00, "new", 0x00 }
                            where code: 1: security code (5 chars)
                                        2: PIN (4 chars)
                                        3: PIN2 (4 chars)
                                        4: PUK (8 chars)
                                        5: PUK2 (8 chars)
    s Status request        { 0x0007, 0x01 }
    r pin recvd             { 0x0008, accepted }
                            where accepted: 0x0c (or 0x06): OK
                                            code: waiting for (0x08/0x0004) code
    s entering code         { 0x000a, code, "code", 0x00 }
                            where code: see 0x08/0x0004
0x09: SIM login
    r login                 { 0x0080 }
    r logout                { 0x0081 }
0x0a: Network status
    s Key duplication on/off{ 0x0044, on? 0x01: 0x02 }
    s get used network      { 0x0070 }
    r network registration  { 0x0071, ?,?,?,length,netstatus,netsel,cellIDH,cellIDL,lacH,lacL,netcode,netcode,netcode }
0x0c: Keys
    s Get key assignments   { 0x0040, 0x01 }
    r Get key assignments   { 0x0041, {key '1'}, 0x00, {key '2'} ... {key '0'}, 0,0,0, {symbols}, 0 }
                            where {key '0'} => ' ', '0'
    s Press key             { 0x0042, press: 0x01; release: 0x02, button, 0x01 }
                            where button: 0x01 - 0x09: 1-9
                                          0x0a: 0
                                          0x0b: #
                                          0x0c: *
                                          0x0d: Power
                                          0x0e: Pick up phone
                                          0x0f: Hang
                                          0x10: Volume +
                                          0x11: Volume -
                                          0x17: Up
                                          0x18: Down
                                          0x19: Menu
                                          0x1a: Names
                                          0x1B onwards: don't know but they do produce
                                               a beep and light up the keypad as if
                                               a key had been pressed.
    r Press key ack         { 0x0043, press/release/error(0x05) }
    s ???                   { 0x0044 }
    r ??? ack               { 0x0045, 0x01 }
0x0d: Status
    r Display               { 0x0050, 0x01, y, x, len, "string"(unicode) }
    s Status request        { 0x0051 }
    r Status                { 0x0052, no. of byte pairs, {byte pair} }
                            where {byte pair}: {cmd, 1:off 2:on}
                            cmd: 1: call in progress
                                 2: ???
                                 3: have unread sms
                                 4: voice call active
                                 5: fax call active
                                 6: data call active
                                 7: key lock active
                                 8: is SMS storage full
    s Display status        { 0x0053, 1:on 2:off }
                            (will send displayed messages with x,y coordinates)
    r Display status ack    { 0x0054, 1 }
0x11: Phone clock & alarm
    s set date and time     { 0x0060, 1,1,7,yearh,yearl,month,mday,hour,min,0x00 }
    r date and time set     { 0x0061 }
    s get date and time     { 0x0062 }
    r date and time recvd   { 0x0063,date_set?,time_set?,?,?,yearh,yearl,month,mday,hour,min,second }
                            where: date_set & time_set==0x01 - set
                                            0x00 - not set, ?,?,yearh,yearl,month,mday,hour,min,second
                                                               not available in frame
    s set alarm             { 0x006b, 1,32,3,0x02(on-off),hour,min,0x00 }
    r alarm set             { 0x006c }
    s get alarm             { 0x006d }
    r alarm received        { 0x006e,?,?,?,?,alrm(==2:on),hour,min }
0x12: Connect to NBS port (61xx only ?)
    s Send                  {+0x0c, 0x01, UDH header, data}
                            (without 0,1 header  -- for oplogo, cli, ringtone etc upload)
                where: UDH header = 0x06, 0x05, 0x04,destporth,destportl,srcporth,srcportl
0x13: Calendar notes
    s Write calendar note   { 0x0064, 0x01, 0x10, length, type, yearH, yearL, month, day, hour, timezone,
                              alarm?(alarm yearH, yearL, month, day, hour, timezone): (0,0,0,0,0,0),
                              textlen, "text" }
    r Write cal.note report { 0x0065, return }
                            where return: 0x01: ok
                                          0x73: failure
                      0x81: calendar functions busy. Exit Calendar menu and try again
    s Calendar notes set    { 0x0066... }
    r Calendar note recvd   { 0x0067, 0x01, ?, length, type, yrH,yrL,mon,day,hr,tz,alrm yrH,yrL,mon,day,hr,tz,textlen, "text" }
    r Cal.note recvd error  { 0x0067, err }
                            where err: 0x93: not available
                                      (0x01: OK)
                                       other: error
    s Delete cal.note       { 0x0068, location }
    r Del. cal.note report  { 0x0069, err }
                            where err: 0x01: OK
                                       0x93: cannot delete
0x14: SMS funcs
    s Write SMS to SIM      { 0x0004, .... }
    s Mark SMS as read      { 0x0007, 0x02, location, 0x00, 0x64 }
    r SMS message frame rcv { 0x0008,subtype,?,num,?,BCD(smscenter)...} 20->type, 22->status
                            where type: 0x06: delivery report
                                  status: 0x00: delivered
                                          0x30: pending
                                          0x46: failed
                                          0x09: reading failed
                                  subtype: 0x02: invalid mem type
                                           0x07: empty SMS location
                       0x0c: no access to memory (no PIN in card, etc.)
    s Delete SMS message    { 0x000a, 0x02, location }
    r Delete OK             { 0x000b }
    s SMS status request    { 0x0036, 0x64 }
    r SMS status            { 0x0037,?,?,?,?,?,?,msgnumber,unread }
    r SMS status error      { 0x0038 }
0x3f: WAP
    s Enable WAP frames     { 0x0000}
    r Enable WAP frames     { 0x0002, 0x01}

    s  ??                   { 0x0003}
    r  ??                   { 0x0004}

    s Get WAP bookmark      { 0x0006, 0x00, location}
                              where location: 0 - 14
    r Get WAP bookmark      { 0x0007, 0x00, name_len, name(unicode),
                              url_len, url(unicode), 0x01,0x80,0x00[7]}
    r Get WAP bookmark err  { 0x0008, error }
                              where error:
                                0x00(?)invalid position
                                0x01   user inside "Bookmarks" menu. Must leave it
                                0x02   invalid/too high/empty location

    s Set WAP bookmark      { 0x0009, 0xff, 0xff, name_len, name(unicode),
                              url_len, url(unicode), 0x01,0x80,0x00[7] }
                              Note: bookmark is added to the first free location.
    r Set WAP bookmark OK   {+0x01, 0x36, 0x0a, block }
                              where block:
                                0x0a, location_of_just_written_bookmark(?),
                                0x00, next_free_location(?)
    r Set WAP bookmark err  {+0x01, 0x36, 0x0b, error }
                              where error:
                               0x04 - memory is full
                               0x01 - we are in the bookmark menu
                               0x00 - unknown reason for now ;(

?   s Delete WAP bookmark   { 0x000c, 0x00, location }
                              where: location = 0-14
?   r Delete WAR bookmark OK{ 0x000d }
?   r Delete WAPbookmark err{ 0x000e, 0x02 }

    s ??                    { 0x000F}
    r ??                    { 0x0010, 0x00}

    s Get WAP settings 1    { 0x0015, location}
                            where location: 0x00 - 0x05
    r Get WAP settings 1 OK { 0x0016, title length, title (Unicode), URL length, URL(Unicode),con_type, ???[6 bytes],location, ???[5 bytes],security,...}
                              con_type: 0x00 - temporary
                                        0x01 - continuous
                              location: when use "Get WAP settings 2 frame", must give it
                              security: 0x00 = no, 0x01 = yes
    r Get WAP settings 1 err{ 0x0017, error }
                              where error:
                                0x01   user inside "Settings" menu. Must leave it
                                0x02   invalid/too high/empty location

    s Get WAP settings 2    { 0x001b, location}
                            where location: 0x00 - 0x1d (you get it in "Get WAP settings 1" frame)
    r Get WAP settings 2 OK { 0x001c, 0x01, type, frame...}
                            where type : 0x00 - SMS bearer
                                             service_num_len, service_num (Unicode), server_num_len, server_num(Unicode)
                                         0x01 - data bearer
                                             auth, call_type, call_speed, ?, IP len, IP (Unicode), dialup len, dialup (Unicode),
                                             user len, user (Unicode), password len, password (Unicode)
                                             where auth: 0x00 - normal, 0x01 - secure
                                                   call_type: 0x00 - analogue, 0x01 - ISDN
                                                   call_speed: 0x00 - 9600, 0x01 - 14400
                     0x02 - USSD bearer
                       frame: type, service number len/IP len,service num (Unicode)/IP (Unicode),service code len,
                              service code (Unicode)
                         where type: 0x01 - service number, 0x00 - IP
    r Get WAP settings 2 err{ 0x001d,error}
                            where: error=0x05
0x40: Security commands
    s ???                   {+0x00, 0x00, 0x07, 0x11, 0x00, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00}
                            This frame hangs phone (N3310 4.02). Meaning unknown !
    s Open simlock 1        { 0x02, 0x03, 0x1f, 0x11, 0x01, 0x01, 0x10, 0x00}
    r Open simlock 1        { 0x02 }
    s ???(N6150)            { 0x08, 0x00 }
    r ???(N6150)            { 0x08 }
    s Enable extended cmds  { 0x64, cmd }
                            where cmd: 0x00: off
                                       0x01: on
                       0x02: enter service mode ?
                                       0x03: reset (doesn't ask for PIN again)
                                       0x04: reset (PIN is requested)
                                             In 5110 makes reset without PIN
                                       0x06: CONTACT SERVICE!!! Don't try it!
    s Reset phone settings  { 0x65, value, 0x00 }
                            where value: 0x08 - reset UI (User Interface) settings
                             0x38 - reset UI, SCM and call counters
                                         0x40 - reset test 36 in netmonitor
    r Reset phone settings  { 0x65, 0x00 }
    s Get IMEI              { 0x66 }
    r Get IMEI              { 0x66, 0x01, IMEI, 0x00}
    s (ACD Readings)?(N6150 { 0x68 }
    r (ACD Readings)?(N6150 { 0x68, ... }
    s Get Product Profile
      Settings              { 0x6a}
    r Get Product Profile
      Settings              { 0x6a, 4bytes with Product Profile Settings }
    s Set Product Profile
      Settings              { 0x6b, 4bytes with Product Profile Settings }
    r Set Product Profile
      Settings OK ?         { 0x6b }
    s Get code              { 0x6e, code }
                            where code: see 0x08/0x0004 (only sec.code is allowed)
    r Get code              { 0x6e, code, allowed, allowed? (sec code (text)) }
                            where code: see 0x08/0x0004
                                  allowed: 0: no
                                           1: yes
    s Set code              { 0x6f, code, sec code(text), 0x00 }
                            where code: see 0x08/0x0004
    s Start monitoring      { 0x70, block }
                            where block(N6150):
                            This block enables probably all possible monitored parameters.
                            After it phone sends 0x00 message type values
    s Break monitoring      { 0x71 }
    r Break monitoring      { 0x71 }
?   s ????                  { 0x74, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0e }
?   r ????                  { 0x74 }
    s Call commands         { 0x7c, block }
                            where where: command, (values)
                      command: 0x01
                      values: number(ASCII), 0x00 - makes voice call
                  command: 0x02 - answer call
                  command: 0x03 - release call
    r Call commands         { 0x7c, command }
    s Netmonitor            { 0x7e, field }
                            where: field: 00: next
                                          F0: reset
                                          F1: off
                                          F2: field test menus
                                          F3: developer menus
    s Open simlock 2        { 0x81, 0x01, locknumber, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10 }
                            Note: sets simlock type to factory?
                where locknumber: 1,2,4,8
    s Open simlock 2        { 0x81, 0x01, locknumber }
                where locknumber: 1,2,4,8
    s Close simlock         { 0x82, 0x01, locknumber, 0x00, 0x00, locksinfo(lock1,4,2,3), 0x00 }
                            where locknumber: 1,2,4,8
    r Close simlock         { 0x82, the rest like in 0x40/0x8a }
    s Get simlock info      { 0x8a, 0x00}
    r Get simlock info      { 0x8a, 0x00, 0x01, lockstype, locksclosed, 0x00, 0x00, locksinfo(lock1,4,2,3), counter1,counter2,counter4,counter4,0x00 }
                            where: lockstype:   bit1,bit2,bit3,bit4 - if set, selected lock is user lock
                                   locksclosed: bit1,bit2,bit3,bit4 - if set, selected lock is closed
                                   counter1 - counter4: counters for locks
    s Set downloaded OpName { 0x8b, 0x00, MCC1, MCC2, MNC, Name, 0x00 }
    r SetdownloadedOpNameOK?{ 0x8b, 0x00, 0x01 }
    s Get downloaded OpName { 0x8c, 0x00 }
    r Get downloaded OpName { 0x8c, 0x00, 0x01, MCC1, MCC2, MNC, Name, 0x00,...}
    s Buzzer pitch          { 0x8f, volume, hzLO, hzHI }
                            if volume and hz is 0, it's off
    r Buzzer pitch          { 0x8f}
    s ACD Readings ?        { 0x91, parameter?(0x02,0x03,0x04,0x05,0x07) }
    r ACD Readings ?        { 0x91, parameter?, value? }
    s Sleep mode test       { 0x92, 0x00, 0x00, howlong(2 bytes), enable }
                            where: enable == 0x01 - enable after test
                                 0x00 - don't enable after test
                   howlong (ms) = 0x07, 0xd0 = 2000
    s ???(N6150)            { 0x98, 0x00 }
    r ???(N6150)            { 0x98, 0x00, 0x04 }
    s Get bin ringtone      { 0x9e, location }
                            where: location=0,1,etc.
    r Get bin ringtone      { 0x9e, location, error, contents... }
                            where location=0,1,etc.
                                  error=0x0a, ringtone NOT available
                                        0x00, OK
    s Set bin ringtone      { 0xa0, location, 0x00, contenst... }
                            where: location=0,1,etc.
    r Set bin ringtone      { 0xa0, location, error }
                              where location=0,1,etc.
                                    error=0x0a, ringtone NOT set
                                          0x00, ringtone set OK
    r Get MSid              { 0xb5, 0x01, 0x2f, msid, 0x25 }
    s Get info about phone  { 0xc8, 0x01 }
    r Get info about phone  { 0xc8, 0x01, 0x00, "V ", "firmware", 0x0a, "firmware date", 0x0a, "model", 0x0a, "(c) NMP.", 0x00 }
    s Get MCU SW Checksum   { 0xc8, 0x02 }
    r Get MCU SW Checksum   { 0xc8, 0x02, 0x00, checksum (4 bytes),0x00 }
    s DPS External SW       { 0xc7, 0x03 }
    r DSP External SW       { 0xc7, 0x03, 0x00, string,0x00 }
    s Get HW                { 0xc8, 0x05 }
    r Get HW                { 0xc8, 0x05, 0x00, HW version (4 bytes), 0x00 }
    s Get "Made" Date       { 0xc8, 0x05 }
    r Get "Made" Date       { 0xc8, 0x05, 0x00, date(4 bytes), 0x00 }
    s Get DSP Internal SW   { 0xc8, 0x09 }
    r Get DSP Internal SW   { 0xc8, 0x09, 0x00, version (1 bytes), 0x00 }
    s Get PCI version       { 0xc8, 0x0b }
    r Get PCI version       { 0xc8, 0x0b, 0x00, version, 0x00 }
    s Get system ASIC       { 0xc8, 0x0c }
    r Get system ASIC       { 0xc8, 0x0c, 0x00, string, 0x00 }
    s Get COBBA             { 0xc8, 0x0d }
    r Get COBBA             { 0xc8, 0x0d, 0x00, string, 0x00 }
    s Get PLUSSA            { 0xc8, 0x0e }
    r Get PLUSSA            { 0xc8, 0x0e, available, 0x00 }
                            where available: 0x01: not available
    s Get CCONT             { 0xc8, 0x0f }
    r Get CCONT             { 0xc8, 0x0f, available, 0x00 }
                            where available: 0x01: not available
    s Get PPM version       { 0xc8, 0x10 }
    r Get PPM version       { 0xc8, 0x10, 0x00, "V ", "firmware", 0x0a, "firmware date", 0x0a, "model", 0x0a, "(c) NMP.", 0x00 }
    s Get PPM info          { 0xc8, 0x12 }
    r Get PPM info          { 0xc8, 0x12, 0x00, PPM version ("B", "C", etc.), 0x00 }
    s Set HW version        { 0xc9, 0x05, version, 0x00 }
    s Get Product Code      { 0xca, 0x01 }
    r Get Product Code      { 0xca, 0x01, 0x00, number, 0x00 }
    s Get Order Number      { 0xca, 0x02 }
    r Get Order Number      { 0xca, 0x02, 0x00, string, 0x00 }
    s Get Prod.Ser.Number   { 0xca, 0x03 }
    r Get Prod.Ser.Number   { 0xca, 0x03, 0x00, number, 0x00 }
    s Get Basic Prod.Code   { 0xca, 0x04 }
    r Get Basic Prod.Code   { 0xca, 0x04, 0x00, number, 0x00 }
    s Set Product Code      { 0xcb, 0x01, product code, 0x00 }
    s Set Order Number      { 0xcb, 0x02, number, 0x00 }
    s Set Prod.Ser.Number   { 0xcb, 0x03, number, 0x00 }
    s Get (original ?)IMEI  { 0xcc, 0x01 }
    r Get (original ?)IMEI  { 0xcc, 0x01, IMEI, 0x00 }
    s Get Manufacture Month { 0xcc, 0x02 }
    r Get Manufacture Month { 0xcc, 0x02, 0x00, string, 0x00 }
    s Get Purchare date     { 0xcc, 0x04 }
    r Get Purchare date     { 0xcc, 0x04, 0x00, string, 0x00 }
    s Set "Made" date       { 0xcd, 0x02, string, 0x00 }
    s Make "all" phone tests{ 0xce,0x1d,0xfe,0x23,0x00,0x00}
    s Make one phone test   { 0xce,0x1d,num1,num2,num3,num4}
                            Where num1-num4: 0x02,0x00,0x00,0x00;
                                             0x00,0x04,0x00,0x00; - "Power off"
                                               No test for "Security data"
    s Result of phone tests { 0xcf }
    r Result of phone tests { 0xcf, number of tests, results of next tests }
    s ???                   { 0xd1 }
    r ???(N5110)            { 0xd1, 0x00, 0x1d, 0x00, 0x01, 0x08, 0x00 }
    s LCD Test              { 0xd3, value }
                            where value: 0x03, 0x02 - 1'st test
                                         0x03, 0x01 - 2'nd test
                                         0x02, 0x03 - clears screen
    s ACD Readings(N6150)?  { 0xd4, 0x02, 0x00, 0x02, 0x00, 0x0e, 0x01}
    r ACD Readings(N6150)?  { 0xd4, 0x02, 0x00, 0x02, 0x00, 0x0e, 0x01, ?}
    s Get EEPROM            { 0xd4, 0x02, 0x00, 0xa0, locationLo, locationHi, numofbytes }
                            where: numofbytes - how many bytes to read
                Note: Works ONLY in MBUS
    r Get EEPROM            { 0xd4, 0x02, 0x00, 0xa0, locationLo, locationHi, numofbytes, contest... }
                            where numofbytes - how many bytes available
                         contest - bytes with contests (if numofbytes != 0)
0x41: Snake game ?
    s Get Picture Image     { 0x0001, location }
    r Get Picture Image     when contains sender number
                            { 0x0002, location, number(like in SMS), 0x00, len, text, 0x00, width, height, 0x01, bitmap }
                              Supports only 0x81 and 0x91 coding (NOT alphanumeric numbers!)
                              in sender without sender number
                            { 0x0002, location, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, len, text, 0x00, width, height, 0x01, bitmap }
    s Set Picture Image     { 0x0003, frame...}
                            where frame: see 0x47/0x0002
    r Get/Set PictureImageOK{ 0x0004 }
    r Set Picture Image err { 0x0005, error? }
                            where error=0x74 - wrong location ?
    s Phone ID request      { 0x0010 }
    r Phone ID recvd        { 0x0011, "NOKIA", "imei", 0, "model", 0, "prod.code", 0, "HW", 0, "firmware", magic bytes x 4 ... }
    s Accessory connection  { 0x0012, 16x0x00, 'NOKIA&NOKIA accessory', 3x0x00 } (45 bytes)
0x7f: Acknowledge(FBUS/IRDA){+type, seq }
    s Power on message seq1 {+04 }
    r Power on message seq1 {+05 }
    s Get HW&SW version     { 0x0003, 0x00 }
    r Get HW&SW version     { 0x0003 "V " "firmware\n" "firmware date\n"
                              "model\n" "(c) NMP." }
0xda: ? (during playing 2 player snake)
    s Send RLP frame        {+0x00, 0xd9, ... }
0xf4: Power on message seq 2