Gnapplet Protocol


The original applet has been created for <>. Gammu currently uses slightly extended version which will be hopefully merged back.


To communicate with the phone, you need to install the applet. There are few options how to do it:

Installation using Gammu

Gammu can transmit the applet to your phone automatically. Just configure it for use of gnapplet connection and invoke gammu install:

gammu install

It will automatically transmit the applet to the phone. On some phones the installation will start automatically, on some you need to find received files in the inbox and install them manually from there.

Downloading from phone

Downloading files from the phone and installing them directly. You can download all required files from

Manual Installation using Gammu

If the above mentioned gammu install does not work for you, for example when you need to use different applet, you can still use Gammu to send files to the phone using gammu sendfile.

First you need to create ~/.gammurc with following content:

connection = blueobex
model = obexnone
device = 5C:57:C8:XX:XX:XX # Address of the phone

And now you can send files to your phone:

gammu sendfile gnapplet.sis
gammu sendfile gnapplet.ini

Files should appear in inbox in your phone and you can install them from there.