Localization uses Gettext po files for both program translations and the documentation. The documentation translation is managed using po4a.

Using Translation

You can set locales you want to use by specifying LANG or LC_* environment variables (on Linux you usually don’t care about this, on Windows just export e.g. LANG=cs_CZ).

Improving Translation

If you want to improve existing translation, please visit translation server. For adding new one, you need to contact Michal Čihař and then you will be able to edit it on former mentioned URL.

You can also go ahead with traditional way of creating/updating po files in locale/ folder and then sending updated ones to bug tracker.

Translation Areas

There are several po files to translate:


Messages used in the Gammu library (see libGammu).


Messages used by command line utilities (mostly Gammu Utility).


Basic documentation shipped within package (eg. README.rst and INSTALL files).