We welcome contribution in any area, if you don’t have developer skills, you can always contribute to Localization or just donate us money. In case you are interested in fixing some code, please read Gammu internals to understand structure of Gammu code. We also maintain list of wanted skills where you can find in which areas we currently mostly lack manpower.

Sending patches

As we use Git for development, the preferred way to get patches is in form which can be directly applied to Git. So start with cloning our Git repository:

git clone gammu

Once you have done that, do some fixes and commit them (see Git tutorial for information how to work with Git). Once you’re satisfied with your results, you can send the patches (all changes you’ve made so far) to us:

git send-email origin

Please note that mailing list requires you to subscribe before posting. This is anyway good idea in case you want to contribute. However if you don’t want to do that, just send the mails directly to one of authors:

git send-email origin

Creating patches

If for whatever reason you don’t want to use Git, you can also manually create patches using diff. Also we can handle if you send us just the file you have changed with reference where did you take it.

To manually create patch you can use following steps:

  1. Copy source with Gammu, you start from, into gammu directory.

  2. Copy source with Gammu, you want to modify, into work directory.

  3. Make your changes in work directory.

  4. Go into parent directory, where gammu and work directories are placed.

  5. Call diff -rup -X .git gammu work > patchfile.

  6. Send patchfile to us (you can use bug tracker or mailing list).