Project Documentation

The documentation for Gammu consists of two major parts - The Gammu Manual, which you are currently reading and comments in the sources, which are partly included in this manual as well.

The Gammu Manual

This manual is in written in rst format and built using Sphinx with breathe extension.

To generate the documentation there are various manual-* targets for make. You can build HTML, PDF, PS, HTMLHELP and Latex versions of it:

# Generates HTML version of manual in docs/manual/html
make manual-html

# Generates PS version of manual in docs/manual/latex/
make manual-ps

# Generates PDF version of manual in docs/manual/latex/gammu.pdf
make manual-pdf

# Generates HTML version of manual in docs/manual/htmlhelp
make manual-htmlhelp

# Generates HTML version of manual in docs/manual/latex
make manual-latex

Man pages

The man pages for all commands are generated using Sphinx as well:

# Generates HTML version of manual in docs/manual/man
make manual-man

However man pages are stored in Git as well, so you should update generated copy on each change:

# Updates generated man pages in Git
make update-man

Code comments

The code comments in C code should be parseable by Doxygen, what is more or less standard way to document C code.