GSM_Error PHONE_RTTLPlayOneNote(GSM_StateMachine *s, GSM_RingNote note, gboolean first)

Play one note using state machine interface.

GSM_Error PHONE_Beep(GSM_StateMachine *s)

Makes phone beek using state machine interface.

GSM_Error GSM_GetRingtone(GSM_StateMachine *s, GSM_Ringtone *Ringtone, gboolean PhoneRingtone)

Gets ringtone from phone.

GSM_Error GSM_SetRingtone(GSM_StateMachine *s, GSM_Ringtone *Ringtone, int *maxlength)

Sets ringtone in phone.

GSM_Error GSM_GetRingtonesInfo(GSM_StateMachine *s, GSM_AllRingtonesInfo *Info)

Acquires ringtone informaiton.

GSM_Error GSM_DeleteUserRingtones(GSM_StateMachine *s)

Deletes user defined ringtones from phone.

GSM_Error GSM_PlayTone(GSM_StateMachine *s, int Herz, unsigned char Volume, gboolean start)

Plays tone.

GSM_Error GSM_RingtoneConvert(GSM_Ringtone *dest, GSM_Ringtone *src, GSM_RingtoneFormat Format)
GSM_Error GSM_ReadRingtoneFile(char *FileName, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
GSM_Error GSM_SaveRingtoneFile(char *FileName, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
GSM_Error GSM_SaveRingtoneOtt(FILE *file, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
GSM_Error GSM_SaveRingtoneMidi(FILE *file, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
GSM_Error GSM_SaveRingtoneIMelody(FILE *file, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
GSM_Error GSM_SaveRingtoneWav(FILE *file, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
GSM_Error GSM_SaveRingtoneRttl(FILE *file, GSM_Ringtone *ringtone)
const unsigned char *GSM_GetRingtoneName(const GSM_AllRingtonesInfo *Info, const int ID)

Returns ringtone name, NULL if not found.

int GSM_RTTLGetTempo(int Beats)
enum GSM_RingNoteStyle


enumerator NaturalStyle

Natural style (rest between notes)

enumerator ContinuousStyle

Continuous style (no rest between notes)

enumerator StaccatoStyle

Staccato style (shorter notes and longer rest period)

enumerator INVALIDStyle
enum GSM_RingNoteNote


enumerator Note_Pause
enumerator Note_C
enumerator Note_Cis
enumerator Note_D
enumerator Note_Dis
enumerator Note_E
enumerator Note_F
enumerator Note_Fis
enumerator Note_G
enumerator Note_Gis
enumerator Note_A
enumerator Note_Ais
enumerator Note_H
enumerator Note_INVALID
enum GSM_RingNoteDuration


enumerator Duration_Full
enumerator Duration_1_2
enumerator Duration_1_4
enumerator Duration_1_8
enumerator Duration_1_16
enumerator Duration_1_32
enumerator Duration_INVALID
enum GSM_RingNoteDurationSpec


enumerator NoSpecialDuration
enumerator DottedNote
enumerator DoubleDottedNote
enumerator Length_2_3
enumerator DurationSpec_INVALID
enum GSM_RingNoteScale


enumerator Scale_55

55 Hz for note A

enumerator Scale_110

110 Hz for note A

enumerator Scale_220
enumerator Scale_440

first scale for Nokia

enumerator Scale_880
enumerator Scale_1760
enumerator Scale_3520

last scale for Nokia

enumerator Scale_7040
enumerator Scale_14080
struct GSM_RingNote
enum GSM_RingCommandType


enumerator RING_Note
enumerator RING_EnableVibra
enumerator RING_DisableVibra
enumerator RING_EnableLight
enumerator RING_DisableLight
enumerator RING_EnableLED
enumerator RING_DisableLED
enumerator RING_Repeat
struct GSM_RingCommand
struct GSM_NoteRingtone
struct GSM_NokiaBinaryRingtone
struct GSM_BinaryTone
enum GSM_RingtoneFormat


enumerator RING_NOTETONE
enumerator RING_MIDI
enumerator RING_MMF
struct GSM_Ringtone

Structure for saving various ringtones formats

Public Members

GSM_NokiaBinaryRingtone NokiaBinary

Ringtone saved in one of three formats

GSM_RingtoneFormat Format

Ringtone format

unsigned char Name[(GSM_MAX_RINGTONE_NAME_LENGTH + 1) * 2]

Ringtone name

int Location

Ringtone location

struct GSM_RingtoneInfo

Public Members

int Group

Nokia specific

struct GSM_AllRingtonesInfo