Porting from libGammu older than 1.12.0

Rationale for API change

This document describes what you have to change in your code, if you used Gammu older than 1.12.0. This release came with huge changes to API, which has to be done for various reasons:

  • ABI stability. - Till now almost every change in internals of any driver lead to ABI change. If we would correctly increase soname on each ABI change, we would be somewhere near 200, what is not something we could be proud of.

  • Centralisation of variables cleanup. - Currently all phone drivers have to do some common things in each function. New API allows one to centralize those operations in one place.

  • Exposing of internals. - Old API exposed too much of Gammu internals, what could be misused by programmers and could lead to unexpected behaviour when some internals are changed.

Changes you have to do in your code

Below examples expect sm to be state machine structure in your current code, change it to appropriate variable name if it differs.

  1. Use pointer to GSM_StateMachine instead of it. API now do not expose this structure, so you will get compiler error. You should allocate this pointer by GSM_AllocStateMachine() and free by GSM_FreeStateMachine().

  2. Change all phone functions from sm.Phone.Functions->SomeFunction to GSM_SomeFunction. Only functions which results were stored inside state machine structure have changed signature to include results of the operation.

  3. All callbacks are set by function GSM_Set*Callback instead of directly accessing structure.

  4. Some function have been renamed to follow GSM_* naming conventions.

As there might be some functions still missing from new API, don’t hesitate to contact author or ask on mailing list if you miss something.

API documentation can be generated using Doxygen (make apidoc in build tree) or Sphinx and is part of this manual.

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