Dummy Driver

New in version 1.22.93.

The dummy driver in Gammu emulates all operations on filesystem. It is used by Gammu Testsuite, but it is also very helpful for application developers, because they can test the functionality without using real phone and avoiding risk of corrupting data in the phone.

Filesystem structure

The dummy driver emulates all phone functionality on filesystem. The Device configuration directive sets top level directory, where all data are stored.

This directory contains file operations.log, where are logged operations which do not modify any data in the dummy phone (eg. sending message).


Messages are stored in sms/<FOLDER> directories (<FOLDER> is in range 1-5) in Gammu native smsbackup format.


Phonebook (and calls registers) are stored in pbk/<MEMORY> (<MEMORY> is type of memory like ME or SM) directories in vCard format.


Notes are stored in note directory in vNote format.


Calendar entries are stored in calendar directory in vCalendar format.


Todo entries are stored in todo directory in vCalendar format.


Filesystem is stored in fs directory. You can create another subdirectories there.

Other features

By specifying Features you can configure some specific behavior:


Makes the dummy driver fail all GetNext* calls as not supported (with exception of GetNextSMS* and GetNextFile*).


Makes the dummy driver fail all GetNextSMS* calls as not supported.


To use dummy driver, you need something like following in ~/.gammurc:

model = dummy
connection = none
device = /path/to/directory/

For disabling GetNext* functions within dummy driver, you need something like following in ~/.gammurc:

model = dummy
connection = none
device = /path/to/directory/